After redesigning its well-loved tableya upon the encouragement of the Cebu Provincial Tourism Office to make it free of plastic packaging, Guilang Tableya has purchased a refinery machine to improve its product.

Customers could now expect a richer-quality tableya. And the family company is venturing into chocolate bars making, too!

“Mas enhanced ang flavor kay finer granules and mas presentable tan-awon kay glossy na siya,” said Joshua Lanutan, Guilang Tableya sales manager, during an interview right after the launching of their universal refiner last September 26, 2018.

The launching coincided with the family matriarch Miguela, 93, from whom their product was named after.

The new machine, which was purchased in China, can smoothen the tableya granules up to 150 microns, resulting to a more refined and glossy look.

Guilang Tableya, a pioneer of the Cebu Province’s “Sustainable Production and Consumption Workshop”, has also changed recently its packaging to make it plastic-free.

Lanutan said that with the machine, which has a capacity of 500 liters per load, they are ready to venture into making chocolate bars and truffles.

He said they could already accept bulk orders from companies that are into chocolate making.

The machine was dubbed “Ingko Pedong”, Miguela’s husband who died in 1999. Ingko Pedong was the one who came up with the traditional roasting process for their tableya that is so meticulous it involves counting how many pieces of wood should be used.

Looking back, Miguela, who has difficulty of hearing but whose ebullience and sunny disposition has never waned, said she could not imagine how far they have gone after their family started the business in 1948.

“Nalipay ko. Panagsa ra nga kaabot ta aning edara,” she said when asked about the occasion.

The secret to her longevity? Of course, she said, it is drinking the all-time Filipino favorite chocolate drink of tableya every morning and in the afternoon, without fail. #

Dried cacao seeds are roasted, grounded, and made into “tablets” or tableya that makes our very own sikwate.

Cebu Provincial Tourism Officer Joselito R. Costas shows the repackaged product of Guilang Tableya. With him is company matriarch Miguela “Guilang” Lanutan.

With their new refinery machine, expect a richier taste for every sikwate made from Gilang Tableya.

Workers prepare the cocoa paste to make quenelles that are packaged into the sought-after Guilang Tableya.

Guilang Tableya sales manager Joshua Lanutan right shows the kudlit kabadlit writing for the words “Ingko Pedong” to Cebu Provincial Tourism Officer Joselito R. Costas. The new refinery machine was named Ingko Pedong in honor of the man who perfected Guilang Tableya’s roasting process.