If you’re someone who likes to explore both the land and the sea within a short span of time, then you’re looking at one of the best municipalities to visit within the city.

The rich etymology of the place brings about a turn at history as the name literally translates to “where it blooms” from the Visayan word ‘Bunga’ which is a signal for the agricultural harvest season.

The 26 barangays might intimidate a person when it comes to exploring, but the town’s center place caters both the sea and the mountainous areas, as parallel to its municipal town hall stands a park which offers a public beach for everyone to enjoy.

Furthermore, this ensures that the market place’s meat products are fresh as local fishermen can be seen fishing as early as 4 o’clock in the morning with their bangkas (small fishing boat that can accommodate two people) and their bugsays (paddle sticks). The church, elementary school and its cemetery lay adjacent to each other and can be visited by foot.

What started out as a humble town is now home to various resorts and businesses as entrepreneurs have seen its pristine potential in attracting more visitors to the area.

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